I believe in aligning daily with my hormones and using food as medicine to support them.
I believe in the power of my cycle and hormones and know that they need to be cared for, supported and nurtured.
I promise to pay attention to the signals my body gives me so that I can make small course corrections and avoid longer breakdowns down the road.
I promise to use my body and health as a platform for creating an extraordinary life in which I am living my purpose in the world
— Alisa Vitti

Client Testimonials


Tahlia helped me in a time of great need - my menstruation time was so long and I had no idea why, I was at my wits end! The advice Tahlia gave me in our Skype sessions was invaluable and I’m still using the methods she taught me to this day! Forever grateful for these insights

— M.M

This knowledge is like coming home. It astonished me to recognize who much wisdom was lost within me, how I had a negative headspace about my cycle, without even realising it. I had fallen into the masculine way of thinking of my cycle as weakness, but this course brought me back to the gifts of all 4 phases; of the wonderment of womanhood.

— M.B

The knowledge and experience Tahlia has shared with me on my pregnancy, birth and parenting journey has been invaluable and I feel very blessed to have her guidance, advice, empathy and support. Her expertise in women’s health and fertility is immeasurable and her joy and passion is infectious. Couldn't recommend Tahlia highly enough!

— N.W

Moonmapping has changed my life! It's given me a daily connection to this underlying current of who I am and how that manifests in every action. Thank you Lissie and Tahlia - this is knowledge for every woman!!

- P.R


Praise for Living Hormoniously! I can't thank Tahlia and Lissy enough for creating the space and oppertunity for women to come together to refind themselves withein their cyclical nature as women. Lissy and Tahlia work seemlessly together providing knowledge that is both easy to understand and most importantly simple to integrate into your own day to day life. I loved this workshop and encourage all women to take the oppertunity to attend. I was also so excitied to hear that they are also now providing a teens Living Hormoniously, something that would have made a world of difference in my own journey into womanhood. The future health and happiness of our women is in safe hands with these two amazingly talented souls.

— E.M

The most important thing a practitioner can offer you is authenticity- and Tahlia embodies this concept like no other. In all aspects of her life she radiates the Truth and strives to bring the very best to the lives of the people around her. Tahlia is truly one of a kind, and her wisdom and passion shine brighter than the sun. I am so incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with her, and to now call her my friend; I cherish her as a being so so deeply. This woman lives and breaths her values, and to be guided by her intuitive wisdom and experience is the ultimate investment in your future.

— C.J

Attending the Living Hormoniously 4-week course was fabulous! It was beautiful to share the cosy and warm space at The Yoga Shack with other women; to connect. The most powerful thing I took away from this course was permission to rest, particularly when I am bleeding. Since putting into practice what I learnt, I feel much more balanced and am more in touch with my intuition, especially around when I bleed. It has changed my life

— B.U

There aren’t enough words to give Tahlia the thanks she deserves for helping us on our pregnancy journey. We fell pregnant on our first try because of the help and knowledge Tahlia gave us. She helped prepare my body to be as healthy as possible before I fell pregnant and during. With Tahlia’s help I found out I ovulate on about Day 18/19 of my cycle. If we had used standard measures to guess when I ovulate we could have been trying for years with no luck as we would have been trying to conceive at entirely the wrong time month after month. I am so thankful that our pregnancy journey was not full of stress and anxiety. Instead it was full of knowledge about my body and cycle, and feeling as in control as you can be of a situation that seems to be so entirely out of your control. We absolutely have Tahlia to thank for our beautiful baby boy and will spend our lifetime being thankful to her. I wholeheartedly recommend Tahlia to help you along your pregnancy journey and hope it’s as successful and easy as ours.

— F.B