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Initial consult

$120— Our initial consults are approx. 60-90mins long. At the end of our consult we will email you an in depth "Initial Consult Review Plan"  individualised to meet your specific needs, outlining a comprehensive plan for your future health goals

Follow up consult

$70 — Our follow up consults are approx. 30mins. We check in with your progress and any questions that may arise.

Fertility charting

$200 —This includes 3 sessions over 8 weeks

Pre conception plans

$150 — An in depth plan specifically formulated for you as an individual for pre conception. Your plan may include gentle detox, food ideas, specific nutrient intake,mindfulness and/or movement tools.

Yoni steaming

$40 — We teach you how to yoni steam and recommend specific herbs relative to your symptoms and/or condition. If based in Northern NSW you can also book a steam at our clinic.


$40 - 60mins of detox and peaceful bliss in a 2 man infrared sauna that overlooks the rainforest gardens. Only available at our Mt.Warning clinic

Workshops and Retreats

Please refer to our sister website

*There are currently no health rebates for our clients