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Welcome to Luna Holistic Nutrition with Holistic Nutritionist Tahlia Mynott

I specialise in Women's Health - * Menstrual Cycle Symptoms, Pre Conception Plans, Pregnancy Support, Fertility Charting, Post Partum Support, Hormone Balancing, Miscarriage Support, Acne, Detox and Yoni Steaming.


Our Services

I offer one on one consultations via skype or in person in Northern NSW.
I also offer workshops and women’s retreat.
In conjuction with Lissie Turner, a Yoga Therapist, we offer workshops and retreats for woman, teenagers and men based around the menstrual cycle (www.livinghormoniously.com). In conjunction with Esther McVicar, a pregnancy and post partum Yoga Teacher, we offer workshops on Post Partum Support (www.free2beyoga.com).

What Is Holistic Nutrition?

Holist Nutrition looks at the whole person, not just the symptoms. I believe strongly in food as medicine, but we also cover stress, lifestlye, movement and other healing modalities in our consult. All these aspects of our life impact our overall health and therefore it is important to ensure we are supporting them all.

Woman's Stories

Grab an organic wine or kefir, scroll through our stories on woman's topics, kick back and read till your hearts content. We cover all things from hormone healing recipes to miscarriage stories from amazing woman around the globe. This page is designed to support and inspire you through your journey.


Our Clinic Room

Tahlia is available for consultations via Skype or in clinic at Apana Centre Brunswick Heads or Mt.Warning Rd clinic.


"At her first bleeding woman meets her power. During her bleeding years she practices it. At menopause she becomes it."

— Lucy H. Pearce

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Let Us Support You

I am not here to heal you, you have the power to do that yourself. I am here to provide you with tools and support in order to heal yourself.