Why Woman's Health, Why Me?


Tahlia Mynott, Holistic Nutritionist

Tahlia's passion for woman's health stemmed from her own health journey where she suffered from PCOS, Amenhorrhea, Dysmenhorrhea, Cysts, Miscarriage and Hormonal Acne.
Once she started researching and delving into woman's health (to support her own healing), she was shocked at what she didn't already know about her own body and equally as shocked by how many woman had no idea how their bodies worked or how to create balance in them.
Tahlia is passionate about supporting teenagers and woman in learning to love their hormones, their body and themselves. She also runs courses and retreats on this at Living Hormoniously (www.livinghormoniously.com).

Holistic Nutritionist since 2008
Bachelor of Health Sciences
Majoring in Nutrition, Food Science and Psychology

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